How are you filling your space?

You have an inch or two of digital space (if that) to make a great first impression. How are you filling your tiny corner of the electronic world?

Building relationships rests at the core of every business model. The first opportunity for your clients, business partners, and quality recruits to encounter you is likely online, especially now. The correlation between your digital persona and the real-life you is crucial to connecting with your target audience–that lifeblood of your business and income–and conveying what it may be like to work with you. Your headshots and professional portraits stand-in for you. Put your best self forward.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my own headshots. The concept seemed nebulous at best and akin to many an ill-fated school photo at worst. I know better now. It’s all about how my business partners should see me: confident, approachable, and as concerned with my business and work as I am about theirs. If my best self is forward, my clients can expect that their best attributes will be, too.

Here is my fresh new headshot, and I worked hard to get it. I photographed myself as a test subject to understand your perspective in front of the camera. Ready to up your online game?

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