What’s Inside Shows Up Outside

No matter your motive for being in front of the camera, my guidance remains the same: the feelings in your heart are revealed in your expression and your photographs.  Confident–let yourself experience that state of being while your photograph is made.  Joyful–channel the people, pets, hobbies, and achievements that bring you the most happiness.  This process came easily to Leeanne during her company’s team headshot and branding session.  She’s spent two impressive decades entrenched in the luxury aesthetic industry, and possesses a remarkable talent for nurturing connections.  Encountering her is to instantly admire her charm and compassion.  Simply stunning, inside and out.

To Be Real

The best headshot prep strategy is a be-yourself mindset. You are your brand, and effective headshots reflect that image. You naturally present yourself as you would like the moment you stop trying to be a certain ‘way’ in front of the camera.  Bring your truest inside self to your headshot portrait session, and we’ll let it shine. Lindsay absolutely rocked the session arranged by her firm. And wow, those red locks are fabulous!


She’s a powerhouse. Grit and style, she’s got both in spades, not to mention the best selection of eyewear ever. If you don’t know @brittanystrickland, you should. She’s making changes and has new headshots to kick it all off. And the outtakes are equally awesome!

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