She’s a powerhouse. Grit and style, she’s got both in spades, not to mention the best selection of eyewear ever. If you don’t know @brittanystrickland, you should. She’s making changes and has new headshots to kick it all off. And the outtakes are equally awesome!

It’s in the Eyes!

It’s in the eyes!

My husband and I collect sea glass, mentored in the craft by our dear friends Melanie and Bill.  Sea glass is at its best in the shallow seawater sparkling under the midday sun.  Talia’s eyes are like those beautiful tumbled treasures.  She brought her stunning blue eyes and warm personality, and I added gorgeous light and expression coaching.  Bam.  A winning combination.


Connectability; it isn’t a real word, but it should be.  Jumping in front of the camera for an official headshot is not always easy, yet there was something about Holly Lynne.  Holly Lynne’s personality was ever present, and her genuine smile quick to reveal itself.  You know how that expression is authentic?  It’s in the eyes–Holly Lynne smiles with her eyes.  Feel it?  Connectability.  Make your moment and get it in front of your clients.  Let’s work on it together!

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