Pair a relevant photograph with text for greater memorability. That is the function of your LinkedIn profile headshot. The “Picture Superiority Effect” is widely documented as our ability to recall concepts presented as images over text alone. Xerox and Apple glommed onto this premise in the mid-1980s hence, the plethora of icons we encounter daily. Advertisers, educators, and strategists use it, too. How about the billboards in Times Square? We remember about 10% of what we see or hear presented as text when recalling a few days later and 65% when encountering text paired with pictures. How does this idea relate to people? In the electronic world:

Who = Portrait

A headshot is a type of portrait; it visually describes and ideally facilitates connection. Use photographs to be remembered. 

Aimee is a rockstar in her own right. An accomplished executive and project manager, she also serves on the board of Destination Imagination devoted to educating and empowering student innovators, leaders, and creative problem solvers. Her board appointment prompted our headshot session, and her LI profile and bio photos are as polished and memorable as she is in real life.  

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