Zoom In to Connect

Get close. Framing the face in your headshot helps to connect with your audience by highlighting the expression and emotion captured in the photograph. The technique capitalizes on what little screen space your profile photo usually consumes: less than the circumference of a dime when viewing your LinkedIn profile on a 27” monitor and roughly the size of a pencil eraser on the average cell phone (hey, I measured). It’s tempting to zoom out. I get it. We tend to view our headshots independently, outside of their usual context, searching for our so-called flaws, so it may feel ‘safer’ to include a lot of upper body. A wide view works if your hands and arms are a distinct part of your story and brand. When the allotted space is small, a zoomed-out shot can visually imply distance between you and the very people you are attempting to impact. Stay close to create a strong visual connection.

This US Naval Officer reached out to create a set of fresh headshots for his upcoming transition to civilian life.  It was an honor. 

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